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The GnuPG Smartcard HOWTO

For all kind of question please refer to the GnuPG Mailinglistes

In case your card got block, you can reset it. But you will loose all stored data!
How to reset a smartcard ?

Items we have in stock at the moment:

OpenPGP Smartcard V2.1

openpgp card V2.1

Prices EUR incl. 19% VAT (without VAT)

  • 1 piece 16,40 (13,78)
  • 2 or more 15,40 (12,94)
  • 5 or more 14,40 (12,10)
  • 10 or more 13,90 (11,68)
Prices without VAT are valid for customers from countries outside the EU.
Companies located in the EU, please mention your UID so that we can write the proforma without the German VAT.

Key features

  • key length now up to 4096 bits
  • on-card key generation
  • for signature, encryption and authentication
  • key storage for up to three key pairs
  • data object for login credentials
  • password / PIN protection

Though the specs for v3.0 are online available, there is no plan to upgrade the OpenPGP card from 2.1 to 3.0. in the near future.

with SIM breakout

openpgp card V2.1 SIM
+ 0,60 (0,50) per piece SIM can be broken out more easily for usage with card readers like the Gemalto Shell token

with Mifare DESFire RFID

openpgp card V2.1

Prices EUR incl. 19% VAT (without VAT)

  • 1 piece 20,40 (17,14)
  • 2 or more 19,75 (16,60)
  • 5 or more 18,55 (15,59)
  • 10 or more 17,95 (15,08)

Key features

This special version of the OpenPGP V2.1 card incorprates two smartcard chips, the V2.1 OpenPGP chip and additionally a MiFARE-DESFire EV1 4k compatible RFID chip. So this version of the card can additionally be used as an RFID athentication token or with other RFID applications.

In contrast to the MiFARE-1k version the DESFire EV1 4k is now RFID standard compliant and has enhanced security compared to the MiFARE-1k. The DESFire EV1 can also be used with RFID "Basisleser" that have been introduced for the new German electronic ID-card ("Personalausweis").

Please notice that the OpenPGP card function is not accessible via RFID interface! The MiFAR-1k chip is an additional chip implanted into the same card but completely independant of the OpenPGP chip.

Gemalto Shelltoken Card Reader

gemalto-shelltoken transparent
Color: Transparent
gemalto-shelltoken black
Color: Black

Prices EUR incl. 19% VAT (without VAT)

18,00 (15,13)

Key features

Works perfectly with the OpenPGP card with SIM breakout.

USB Shell Token v2 (IDBridge K30): offers all the power of a multi-application dynamic smart card in a USB key , the ideal for users who require a combination of security and portability.

  • Secure, portable and customizable
    The USB Shell Token V2 sized has been optimized to be smaller than a conventional house key, and can be easily carried on a key ring.
  • Easy to deploy
    The USB Shell Token V2 reader is distributed independently of the plug-in (ID-0) card, facilitating production and smart card issuance. It operates with Microsoft CCID driver, inbox VISTA and Seven, removing the need of a driver installation.




Prices EUR incl. 19% VAT (without VAT)

1,50 (1,26)

Key features

  • Size: 1,5 x 1,5cm
  • 0,50EUR are donated to FOSSGIS e.V. and will support the OpenStreetMap project.


OSM mug

Prices EUR incl. 19% VAT (without VAT)

7,50 (6,30)

Key features